Friday, September 24, 2010

September 20, 2010


It's so great to hear from you! Congrats on your marathon Annie! Way to go! Thank goodness for Keith hooking up the hot tub :) Hi Granny and Grandpa! I'm glad Mitch's wedding was good! Sounds like it was super cute! Could you write me on dearelder and give me Brooke's mission address ( on envelopes of letters in my center dresser comp) and Ryan Burke's address? That would be great. If you could send Nicole my cuticle nippers ( in my hair cart, bottom or second to last drawer in the red nail kit, they are the biggest thing in there)

This week has flown by, the days seem like weeks and the weeks seem like days. We do so much in a day it takes forever but it's so great. We pray a ton- I counted it up it's usually about 13 times each day. We had a large group meeting about DOING, KNOWING, and BECOMING to be diciples of Christ. It was so good!

I did get the blowdryer from Nicole. Thank you soo much. She also sent me cookies. She is so sweet :) Oh so it's against the rules to have toe rings so I took mine off sadly. Now my toe has a tan line and looks so strange ahaha. But you bet you i'm saving it for a year and a half and bringing it home ;) We also can't have gum so I'll have to see if we can in the field so I can use my stash.

Each week we have to teach lessons to investigators. This week the lesson part went REALLY well. The spanish part is pretty rusty but it all helps I guess. I was being an investigator for some elders and I meant to tell them I have 7 brothers (hermanos) but accidently told them I had 7 men (hombres) haha they busted up and I went bright red. Oh well, I better get used to those kind of mistakes.

For gym we started playing 9 square (we took 4 square up a notch) it is fun but I still like sand volleyball better. Gym is still the best- just gives you something to look forward to. One of the branch counslers wifes said the only difference between MTC and prison is in prison you get visitors ahaha so true. Playing the piano in sacrament has been pretty good. I always mess up but they are just glad to have someone to attempt. It's not like the singles branch at home though, they are so intimidating here and you have to do everything perfect- I got in trouble for not playin postlude yesterday haha. We get a new district in our zone this week with 4 new hermanas. I'm excited to meet them and have other girls. The elders that are leaving are going to Veracruz Mexico but visas haven't gone through so they got re assigned. 3 of them are coming to Pocatello Idaho mission. I also talked to Marcus Hawker he leaves tommorrow and got reassigned to Cali.

Yesterday we watched the Testaments and I was thinking Dad's popcorn sounds so good right now haha so the Sunday I get back I will probably request some popcorn :) Ya I saw Devin Henicksem I think he is going good. I just saw hans peterson for the first time today too. I also saw a girl who was in my spanish class at BYUI. She just got here this week and is going to Germany. CRAZY. It makes me happy I only have to learn spanish.

I am getting some pictures printed right now so I will send them sometime this week hopefully. If you look in my write2whyte e-mail I got a letter from SLCC saying I didn't have to take bio 1610 if I didn't need to take anymore bio. I think the title is under dental hygeine though. It is from Evelyn Udell. If you can't figure it out it's ok. Maybe send a laundry bag with nicole (light weight and mesh so it can fold up small)

My district translated the Blues Clues mail song into spanish and sing it when we get mail. It is so hilarious. I am going to miss the Guatemalans when they leave next week. Time flies!!! Although I don't know if these next 7 and a half weeks will...

My spanish and gospel teachers are cool. They served in Argentina and Canada. Good think I like them because we are with them about 3 hours each so 6 hours each day. They help a ton and keep you encouraged. It's great to have someone share experiences to pump you up.I don't think I have ever studied so much... every night my brain is killing me and I'm crawling for my bed haah love it!!!

Daniel Wong wanted me to tell you Hi. He is doing really well with spanish and is excited to come to Idaho :)

If you  need anything let me know. I can only write on Mondays though. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy every moment because it is all going to seem like a dream when I get home. Keep me updated on everything back home! Maybe you should also send me Shelmans address so I don't feel so bad for not writing Seth. That is funny what his grandpa said. Hopefully he is married by the time I get home. :) Thank you for everything. Your prayers help A TON!!!!!! I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU!!
Forward this to people you think would like it :) so I don't have to write the same thing to everyone :) thanks love you!!

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