Monday, October 4, 2010

September 27, 2010

Hola Familia!!!
How is everything? I'm glad to hear about yall. Thanks for the letters and stuff! Its great here. I can't believe it has almost been three weeks! The days seem forever long but before I know it the week is over. Thanks for the Krisy Kremes! They were loved by my whole district! The 2 Guatemalan Elders leave at five tomorrow moring. I'm going to be so sad when they leave. I hope I don't cry. It's so weird how we only know people for a short amount of time and feel like we are best friends. Another district left from our zone. 2 of my favorite Elders were in there. Elder Delehunty from Payson? going to Honduras and Elder Pond from Logan going to Texas. I miss them already...they were hillarious. Whenever somone from the zone leaves we sing God be with you til we meet again in spanish. It is sooo amazing. I will record it when they do it to me. I'm not sure if I can get a cd of all my pictures and stuff but if I can I will send you one of all my MTC pictures before I leave. It would be nice to have back up stuff too.
The new district had four sisters from Salt Lake, Arizona, Spanish Fork and Cali. They are so nice but will only be here 3 weeks then they go to the MTC in Peru and head out to Bolivia from there. We are getting a new district this week too. Elders only and they are going to Guatemala and Chile. It would be cool to have Ryan in there but the chances of that happening are very slim but it will be fun to get to know more people. We also met 8 elders going to our mission that leave the same day we do. There are going to be a ton of us!!! It will be cool.
I got called to be the music coridinator for the branch. Which is kinda nice because now I can designate other people to do music things instead of me :) but I'm sure I will still be doing something. The gym has been closed because they redid the floor. So it just opened this week and so we have been playing basketball. I'm horrible but it's fun.
We also did an English fast when we only talk in spanish. It's fun but I realize how much spanish  i don't know. I can only go up from here right?!? We have another one on Fri so we will see how that goes. This week we are teaching the plan  of salvation.... it's hard to explain to people in a way they can understand. I wish I knew more about it but oh well I'm sure I'll get through it.
That's fun you got together with Merrills. Tell Granny and Grandpa hi for me and tell Kenneth I wish i could be there but I'll see him in a year and a half :) I bet they are soooo excited to get him home. Tell Keshia and Juan congrats for me! That is so fun... tell them i'm expecting pictures. Did you get my pictuers by the way? I hope so.
For conference we don't go we just have to watch it. There is a MTC choir for a session. but they already had it all done before I got here. We didn't watch RS but we will on Sat while the elders are in preisthood. It will be nice to have something to mix up the days.
Well I don't know what else to tell you... I feel like i'm not very exciting because I always just do the same thing.... class, eat, sleep. So if you have any questions just hit me up! The elders that are going to Guet. were teaching me and my comp. one of the elders fell asleep while teaching the lesson! It was pretty funny. Every night you are just crawling for your bed. I can't imagine what it will be like in the field when I'm probably 3 times as tired.
How is work going for ya? I'm sure you are busy but might as well right haha since I'm not there to keep you occupied. Tell Ashley she should definately come on a mission. It's so sweet! Hope everything in the branch is good and tell the family Hi for me at Kenneths welcome home. It will be me before you know it! Well I'm out of time but I love you all SOOOOOO much- keep me updated and let me know if I can do anything for you. Te Amo TE AMO TE AMO!!!!!
Thanks for all the encouragment and love!

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