Friday, October 29, 2010

October 18, 2010

Hey ya'll!

I'm glad to hear you are still alive and everything is pretty good. Dad- what did you do to your knee? At least you don't have to work tires with it- I guess that's a blessing. I hear everyone is pretty much finishing up with harvest and mom pretty soon you won't have to work such long'll all be excited for winter (who thought we would ever say that)

This week has gone by SOOOO fast! I think it has been the fastest one here. And it will be 6 weeks on Wed crazily enough. We should get our travel plans next friday so i will keep you updated on what the schedule is but as far as I know we fly out on Sun Nov 7th. I LOVE the MTC but I'm so excited to to in the field even though I won't know anything. Dad- I have no idea how you were here for 6 months- that would be crazy!!! Angela and Ryan leave tomorrow morning so i won't see them anymore but I also saw Jana Randall who I used to work with at Silver Clippers in Logan. she just got here and is going to Bolivia. It was fun to see her. I also saw Polatis' cousin Elder Dooley from Shelley. He is going to Korea- when he contacted me it made me gratfull I was only learning spanish :) I also just saw Elder Duffin from Aberdeen or somewhere that direction. He just looked familiar and his name was Duffin- he said he knew dad and stuff but I forgot to ask him where he was going.

Thanks for the cupcakes! They were SO delicious! It was Elder Clark's birthday so we saved them for the party. We decorated the room and celebrated with cupcakes- it was so much fun. he is the only one who is having a birthday while we are here so we had to go all out. This week we started teaching only in spanish- it's hard but I feel like I have learned SO much in just this week and also leaned how much I don't know. I guess it's ok to speak a REALLY simple spanish/spanglish for a while haha. Also this week we have 2 districts in our zone leaving so we are going to be the oldest ones after Wed. That is going to be so strange but it's exciting. This week for the Devotional we had Elder Edgley from the presiding bishopric come and talk about being a successfull missionarry it was so good and then yesterday for Relief Society we had Sister Susan Tanner the old YW pres talk about the history of relief society. (Sorry there are so many errors in my e-mails, i try to type fast so I can say everything i want to because I'm not a fan of writing letters)

Also this week for gym we have been playing kickball and softball. i'm horrible at both but it's sooo much fun and the best part is being outside and feeling like you are in 6th grade again. Oh and our sunday temple walks have been cancelled because missionaries have been leaving trash on temple grounds and meeting up with family and friends so now we just have to have MTC campus walks- not quite as fun but Sundays are good because you don't have class and you can relax more. But we write a talk everyweek and then they just choose 2 people to talk. Mine have been like 1 min long because I never know how to say stuff in spanish but it hasn't been a problem because they usually call on the older people...but now I'm one of the older people so I best be working on them harder. Its funny though because when they go up to announce the speakers everyone is just praying "not me please not me". Oh and the Taylors in my branch pres. say I look exactly like Kandice Williams (never thought of that) but there son is the one who is married to Vickie Willliams.

I'm glad you got the pictures. i probably wont send anymore though. I will probably just wait until I'm almost done here and send home a CD of all the pictures on my camera. I have some videos on there- I don't know if they will work on a CD but I hope they don't mess up the whole CD if they don't work. Who knows.... But that way it will just be easier for all of us.

Some nights I have been practicing spanish with a sister that lives next door. She is from Columbia and so we just read scriptures out loud (me in spanish and she corrects me then her in english and i correct her) it is fun- she is so funny and so it makes it even better. We usually teach 1 or 2 lessons a day and contact about ten people a day so it keeps us all busy with that and studing and class. But If you have any questions about what I do or what it's like of just wonder anything just let me know because I can't remember what I have told you or not and what is important for you to hear or not because everything runs together.

I hope everything is going good and keep me updated on everything. Thanks for all your love and support! You are the BEST!!!!!! Quote from fireside yesterday "Be a temple attending, Satan offending people" haha I thought it was funny



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