Monday, October 4, 2010

October 4, 2010

Hi Family!!!!
How are ya all doing? Glad you had a good conference weekend! I'm excited to get Noah's picture and cookies :) Thank you for the package last week!!! It had so many yummy things in it! Daniel Wong came running up to me on Tuesday before devotional. He was so excited to get your package too. He is doing really well with his english. I saw Landon Furniss once on his way to gym. And I see Angela about once a day. Her classroom is on the same floor as mine. And believe is or not. Ryan is in my zone. He is in the classroom right next to me so I see him like ten times a day. He told me to tell you hello. Hans Peterson and Devin Henicksmen leave tomorrow and Wed. They are super excited!
This week we got 2 new roomates. They are going to Washington DC north. Sister Hazen is from Layton and Sister Withers from Rigby who is Josepha and Ashleys cousin. Crazy huh?! You will have to tell Withers that I'm roomates with Emily. On Sat night about 10:30 a girl on our floor burnt her microwave popcorn and set off the fire alam. I was in the shower and just put on some clothes and went outside. It was probably the most exciting thing that has happened in the residence hall haha. Also on Sat after conference our district found a piano room and we were just playing hymns and singing. It was fun because even though I'm not so good at the piano, they have really good voices.
The spanish is coming...slowly...but it will all work out. My comp is really good so I feel behind but it will come sometime. This is our last week teaching in English. So it will be interesting to see how it goes in spanish...who knows what I'll say haah. We learned how to teach someone to pray in spanish so at least I can do that :)
The food here is pretty good. It's not amazing but its good. We get potatoes and gravy and meat quite a bit so thats nice :) We don't really eat because we are hungry we just eat because it's our assigned time and if we don't we will be starving later. Plus it's something besides sitting in a classroom. At lunch one day they had jello. An Elder in my disterict (Larsen from Roosevelt Utah) taught me how to just inhale it. You put it on your tray, breath in and it just slides down....exactly something you would learn from a 19 year old Elder haha. Good times. I should stop eating so much though. My jeans are starting to fit tighter. My belt is still on the same buckle but just thinking I have been here for 4 weeks and im only half way done....I best be working on that. Although I have been running more. I usually run a half mile during gym and sometimes when we are feeling ambishous we wake up at 5:45 and go for a run in the morning but that usually only happens about once a week- we aren't too dedicated.
Also this week my district has been all about riddles. I can never figure them out though haha but it's fun to give us something to think about besides spanish. Although we did have 2 english fasts this week. All day on Thurs and half a day on Fri. It's much quieter on those days and I hardly say anthing and when I do it's usually wrong ahha oh well our teachers just say as long as we open our mouth- that's the first step.
As for our schedule here. We have firesides on Sun nights, devotionals on Tues nights, we go to the temple on Mon (we started doing initiatories because they don't take as long and the old ladies are sooooo sweet, its fun) then on Wed we go to the TRC (teaching recource center) and teach real people. Everyday we have gym but it differs on time depending on the day. Other than that we are just in class and eating. Not too exciting but it's been good. Time is flying- I can't believe it has almost been 4 weeks!
I bet work is busy. But at least it keeps yall busy and out of trouble :) How does Kenneth look? Well have you seen him yet? I bet his family is so excited. I'm exited to see him! Tell him hi for me. The scripture I wanted on my plaque was 2 Nephi 22:2. and a got my name engraved on my spanish scriptures this week (it's free here) so I had them put Hermana S. Whyte because my full first name didn't fit. Also what did you find out on SLCC. If you haven't had time don't worry about it you can do it when yout go back to part time mom.
Oh Annie, I won't be able to tease you about your feet anymore because mine are getting pretty nasty. I can't lotion them because then they are too moiste and get sweaty and nasty. So they are all sorts of dry plus I have nasty callouses and red spots and it's only going to get worse haah. They are going to need some major reconstruction when I come home. but my time is almost up so just know I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!! Thanks for all your love, support, and prayers. PS I loved Pres Monson's begining conference statement. Elder Hollands talk, Pres Uchtdorf, and pres monsons RS amazing!!! Mom and dad- save your money so you can go on a mission. It would be soooo awesome- I hope you can experience this someday.
Love you tons!!!!!! Keep me updated on things. Hope all is well and I LOVE YOU and miss you but I'll be home before you know it :)

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