Monday, April 11, 2011

April 3rd 2011

Good Morning!
Did you all enjoy conference? I loved it! But it was so wierd to sing in English! But by the last session it felt normal. It was so fun to see vidio/pics of temple square and stuff. We all said ¨Our Home!¨ haha:) But, it was good. I loved when Pres Packer said ¨if someone is looking for a church that requires very little- this is not the one¨ lots of people here love Jesus but don´t want to do anything about it or sacrifice anything. But that´s what this life is, so might as well just keep working and serving. They talked a lot about the family and how important it is. Its so true but I think we are pretty well off in that subject :) They talked quite a bit about young men getting married (in preisthood too I heard) it was so funny. All the Elders were either really excited or really freaked out. It´s so funny to watch.
We only had two investigators at the conference (in the last session). They said they liked it but we will find out more how it went when we visit them. There is a statistic that 85% of the investigators who go to General Conference get baptized. So... it would have been cool to have more :)  I still loved it anyways.
On Tuesday it was ¨Dia de joven combatiente¨ or the day of young combatant (sorry I don´t really know how to translate it) but in the 70s 2 kids were killed for no reason, they think the police killed them. So now I guess people celebrate with a lot of violence and stuff. I don´t really know but we had to be in the house at 8 at night instead of 10. So we had a lot of time to do stuff. So I just wrote in my journal and then we went to bed because Hermana Dymock was getting sick. She has been a little sick all this week but is still working hard.
Our District Leader finished his mission yesterday. He is now in the mission home getting ready to go back to Peru so it´s going to be a little different. He was so funny and a great Elder. The mission is full of changes so I should be used to it by now... haha.:)
Last Monday we went to a Peruvian restaurant and ate some delicious food! It was so good. (Better than Chilean food) That is pretty much all that is new here. Not much happend this week. Our investigator Clara broke up with her boyfriend in Chicago and is super sad but we are happy because now she can focus more on the Gospel and getting baptized. She is still preparing for the 24th of this month so we are excited. One of the investigators that came to the conference is a little crazy.  He (Jose) is about 55 and is a little loco because his wife is really crazy. He was saying that she has some type of problem in her nervous system and she is loco for cats (they have more than 10 living in their house and you can smell it) but he really likes what we teach so hopfully he will keep learning and he can understand what we are teaching. His wife doesn´t like that he is investigating but he said he will keep learning. So that is pretty much all.
Oh and sorry about the ¨Happy Easter¨ title last week. You can tell I´m not really part of the world because I thought Easter was this Sunday (yesterday) but later found out that it´s in 3 weeks. But I was just getting you in the holiday spirit :) haha
Thanks for all you do! I loved the pic from Annies play and Eastons birthday. So fun! Thanks for your prayers and thoughts! I have the best family in the world! I love you all so much and send my hugs and kisses!
                         I love Inca Cola soda! We drank the whole 2 liters at the peruvian restaurant 
          Elder Tello´s last zone class. So we were taking a district picture but others decided to join in :)
             Hermana Dymock, Elder Tello, and me yesterday after conference. Our last day with Elder Tello
Hope you enjoy!

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