Tuesday, March 29, 2011

March 28th, 2011

Buenas Tardes,
I´m glad to hear that you are all doing grand! Its great to have so many letters in my inbox! You are the best ;)
I have had a great week here in my world. This week we had a ward party, a luau. It was fun. It was supposed to start about 8:30 or 9 and they said the opening prayer at 9:35. There is Chile for you.. haha:) But it was good I think. We had to leave at 9:45 to be in the house at 10 but I heard that it was fun. But we  had a little problem. Our investigators didn´t like that we were playing all kinds of music and stuff in the chapel (we don´t have benches, just chairs, so they move them and had a dance floor) so he doesn´t want to go to the church anymore or listen to our lessons. His wife didn´t like it but still came to church yesterday and said we can still come by. We honestly didn´t know what to say to them. It probably wasn´t the best thing they did but the church is for activities and that is the only room that can fit us all. So who knows.
The stake relief society also had a social for the anniversary. They talked about missions and how they need to prepare their kids to serve. So all the missionaries in the stake came and we sang Called to Serve. It was really good. I love hearing a whole bunch of missionaries singing about the work. A lot of the sisters were crying so hopefully they send their kids out... haha:)
We had an AMAZING lesson on Saturday. There is a lady (Clara, or Clair in English) who has been coming to church for 3 years off and on and has been listening to missionaries off and on for all this time too. We taught her a little last week and talked to her about baptism and she said she isn´t ready and wants to organize her life before committing and all this stuff. She is getting divorced and has a boyfriend in Chicago and has a 8 year old daughter and all this stuff so she wants to wait til after her divorce then get baptized with her boyfriend and move to the US with her daughter. But we went back and were teaching her on Sat. We were talking about baptism again and all the blessing that she will receive. She started crying and said, there is something different about you two from all the other missionaries. You have something about you. Last time you were here, I almost said that I would get baptized, but they weren´t my words, it was like God wants me to do this. AH, it was so amazing. She said she will prepare to be baptized and we told her to pray about the 24th of April. So hopefully she gets a strong response about it and will follow. She is soo great and is practically already a member. She said, bishop is going to laugh so hard when he hears that I´m going to get baptized because he has been telling me this for 3 years. Por fin, there is a reason why I´m here in this area at this time. LOVE IT!
So last Monday when we couldn´t do anything  because freaking Obama, (Liz, I´m not sure what he was doing here, but  the people were all talking about it and all the ladies think he is good looking. It´s funny because they say they don´t know anything about him but they like to watch him on the TV. It´s ridiculous. But they think that we, in the us,are a bunch of rich people who have all the opportunities in the world. But they are nice to us anyways. All the kids ask if we know Justin Bieber or Hannah Montana ...haha) anyways, we went to our apt and made fudge. But the recipe isn´t made for Chilean ingredients or stoves. It started to burn before we even added the chocolate so we had to hurry and put it in the pan and break up chocolate bars (chocolate chips are super hard to find here and they are as expensive as gold) so we were trying to mix it in the pan and all that jazz. It didn´t work out too well but we are still eating it anyhow. It´s more of like a smore in a pan ( a little burnt with marshmallow and chocolate ...haha)
But that is pretty much my week. We are working hard and I´m trying to make Hermana Dymock more trunky but she is super focused. I´m soooo excited for General Conference! We get to watch it in English as missionaries so that is even more exciting! On Sat we have our time change so we will only have a difference of 2 hours (right now it´s 3). But have a great week. Keep me updated on all the new news and remember I love you like crazy and miss you. But just think, in a year from today, I will be waking up in my own bed! Wow, crazy to think about. The weeks just fly by.
Thanks for everything! Enjoy work, home, kids, all that jazz. I´m glad to hear that Easton had a good party and that Annies play was good! Party some for me ...haha:)
This is Clara and her daughter Valentina
This is the luau with Matilde and Alex (the ones who got offended), but they are great
All the food at the luau was soo good! A ton of yummy fruit! (I remembered how much I love chocolate covered strawberries!)

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