Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25th 2011

Hermana Whyte Report,
This week has been really exciting. A lot has been going on. Clara got baptized yesterday and it was AMAZING!!! There were a ton of people there and a lot of music. But she loved it. She was thinking it would just be us and some close friends but a lot of the ward stayed to support her and so it was great. Now we just need to teacher her daughter because she just turned 8 :)
I got to go to my old area on Friday! It was great to see some people. We did intercambios with the Hermanas over there because they are the only sisters in their zone. So I went to Villa Primavera and we ate lunch with the Bishop  (we made empanadas for my first time) and then we went to visit my convert but she wasn´t there (it was a holiday for Easter Week (Semana Santa)). But I did get to see Andrea. She was so excited and I was so excited too! (If she hasn´t already put this picture of facebook, I attached it...Scroll down) It was so fun to go see people and walk my old stomping ground... haha.:)
Oh, after church yesterday this kid (11 years old) Diego, came up to us and said ¨Hermanas I want to get baptized, will you come teach me the lessons.¨  It was great! He lives in the other part of Santiago (outside the mission) but comes and stays with a family in our ward on the weekends so he can go to church with them. He is the cutest ever. We had lunch with them yesterday and then we taught him a little bit. We wrote in a Book of Mormon and gave it to him because he had lost his old one. It was amazing, he took it in his hands and said ¨I can use this to help my family know the gospel too¨ he is amazing! Then we continued talking and he read what I had written in the back and started to cry. He felt the spirit soo strong and just wants to be a member of the church. He KNOWS it´s true. We told him he could get baptized in a month if he wanted to and he said "Ya, I want to." Then we told him we could do it in 3 weeks if he wanted and his face lit up and he said "Please, can we do it as soon as possible." Our Bishop has to talk to his Bishop where he lives but I think because he lives here on the weekends he will be able to get baptized here. He said his parents are OK with it so I hope everything goes well because whenever we talked about him getting baptized he got a big ol smile on his face. He made us all cry yesterday when we had to say goodbye. But I am excited to teach him. He is only at this house on Fri ,Sat and Sun so we will only have a few times to teach him but it will probably be easy because he is just soaking it all in.
I just got back to write more but can´t remember what I already said in the letters in the past but here it goes. When I was in my old area I was on splits with Hermana Player and turns out that she is my companion now. We never expected this change because she was only there for 6 weeks. She is from Nibley UT and has one more change than me (6weeks). It´s crazy that I¨m starting to be with people who have the same time as me in the mission. I´m senior companion, which sounds scary but it´s all the same to me. She seems pretty cool so hopefully things go well. It´s crazy because Hermana Dymock trained Hermana Player. And yes I did take a picture with her plaque in exchanges because we saw each other in the MTC and I remember thinking that is so funny to have the last name Player, I want a picture with her plaque on, and then low and behold we are comps.
We are somewhat teaching our neighbors that live above us and when they found out that Hermana Dymock was leaving they made us sushi for a going a way thing. It was really good. I felt like I was in the movies in the middle of a huge city in this modern apt at a sushi party (some of their friends were there). It was fun.
That is pretty much my week. It was a great one! Things are good here, we are tired from lugging suitcases all over Santiago, in and out of subways and all that jazz, but life is good. It was so weird to say goodbye to Hermana Dymock and Hermana Buckner. But I think I am going to see Hermana Buckner and her parents tonight if everything goes according to plan. So hopefully it works out. I sent some stuff with Hermana Dymock and gave her Mom´s cell phone number. I have her info but I forgot it. So if she doesn´t call you let me know and I will get you her info. As for the call for Mother´s Day I´m not sure what is going to happen. I imagine I will call at 4ish my time so 1 or 2 your time (I heard that the time might change so I'm not sure but around that time) I will let you know for sure next week. I will buy a calling card so I can call you and then tell you to call me but the country code is 56 and then dial 2 for Santiago then her number which is 748-5669. This is what her daughter told me so it should be right unless I tell you differently next week. I´m sooo excited to talk to you all. Let me know what number to call and if a different time works better. I can´t use skype or anything and can only talk for 40 min but it will still be good.
It sounds like there is a lot going on there and that you are having fun, which is good. Is Noah going to play soccer again this summer? Anything else exciting happening? How did you all pass your Easter? Did the Easter bunny find you? Maybe his candy will help Noah´s tooth fall out... haha:). I can´t believe that he is already old enough to loose teeth. Tell everyone hi for me and remember I love you and hope that life is good. Have a great week and I will talk to you on Mon. in email and then on Sun. ON THE PHONE!!! :)
 Andrea, Hermana Player and me when we were on exchanges. 
 Hermana Player (my new comp), Hermana Dymock (my old comp), and me today when we switched 
 Andrea (a member who was inactive but is coming back) with her 2 daughters and Glorian our investigator who is praying if she should get baptized on the 22 of May. They are so great and loved the baptism yesterday so hopefully everything goes well.

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