Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 5th 2012

Can you believe it? We have gone all the way from 18 fast Sundays to 0! Only 3 more weeks of Sister Whyte (well, actually I^ll have 5, but only 3 more of riding bikes in the streets of Chile. But it`s been a good week. We actually didn`t have fast Sunday because we had Stake conference. It was via satellite from SLC and Julie B Beck talked about how our mission is to serve the Lord, Elder Andersen talked about tithing, and Elder Perry talked about the BOM. Everyone but Elder Perry talked in Spanish. Everyone was so excited to hear their real voices and thought their accents were funny. But it was a good conference. It was in Colina, about 1 1/2 away so we went as a branch in a bus, it was fun, like a little field trip. 

This week we took an adventure to the counrty. There is a place called Chicauma, it`s further north and there is no public transportation but there is a recient convert there, so we went on our little bikes and went pretty well, but then with time, every little incline made my legs feel like they were going to explode haha. We never got to the members house but we found a nice lady who listened to us and gave us some water (she doesn`t have water, but the city brings it out to her every 2 weeks,. there were a lot of floaties in it, but it didn`t matter, it was better than dying). We only went about 7-8 miles but we are going to go back to explore some more this week. I was going to attach some pics to show you our adventure but my camera has lots of viruses and it won`t work (I`ll have to put that on the list to buy when I get rich, new camera) so you`ll just have to wait til I get home. But it was fun. 

Yesterday at lunch the member taught us how to make calzones rotos (broken underwear) it`s a dessertish snack here. It`s kind of like a scone but not really at all. But they are pretty good and she was so excited to teach us, it was fun. I`ll have to make them for you when I get home. On Monday we went to Santiago and I felt so weird, there were so many people I didn`t know what to do with myself. I adjusted to the country a lot faster than I thought. But we are going again today so we can get a few things to take home with us. And good news on our end, our water heater got fixed so we don`t have to take cold showers anymore. It`s been a joyous last 2 days to take hot showers. Luckily it`s been in summer and not winter. But that is pretty much all that is going on here in Chile. What is going on there?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALVIN (a little late, but better than never) you are getting so old :) but it happens to the best of us. I feel like I`m 30 and people always think I am about 26 so who knows. But I hope you had a good bday. Annie sent me pics of some of you. All my little nephews aren`t so little anymore! and mom sent me pics of Keshia and her baby. SO CUTE! Congrats! Also, mom and dad said they have a ton of wedding invites and baby showers- oh the changes of life. But for now, just have a great week and remember I love you and will be seeing your perty little faces soon.


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