Tuesday, April 3, 2012

March 12th, 2012

So this week has been a little crazy. Paula was going to get baptized but turns out they got kicked out of their house and are living in Santiago with her G-ma now. So that was super sad:9 Also, Hermana Escobar got transferred today to a different area for her last two weeks because a Sister went home. So now it`s just Hermanna Bramwell and I ruling this joint. It`s going to be interesting to see how much we get lost, but we are excited to be together still. Here in a couple weeks we are going to have our 6 month anniversary :) I have never heard of a pair of missionaries being together so long. Luckily, we are basically the same person so we still get along and love each other.
Also this week I complete 1 1/2 years in the mission!!!! WHOOT! Now I can really say, it`s all just down hill from here. I thought my last weeks were going to be the longest weeks of my life, but up until now it`s flown by. I guess having a lot of changes makes the time go by faster. This week our bikes have caused us a few problems. Hermanna Bramwells tire was flat so we went and filled it up and he said there wasn`t a hole in it, then the next day it was flat so we went to go fix it again but the place was closed for lunch (when we go to fix it we have to walk about 20 min to the place each time) so we dropped it off at a members house and went to lunch. We get back and fix her tire, go to our apt (at the other end of the sector) that wasnt there and find that Hermanna Escobar`s tire is flat... haha:) So, we walk back and fix her tire. But meanwhile, I have been hauling a lot of people on my bike and with all the weight, the metal part where my seat  broke so now my seat is really low and turns whenever I move! haha:) It makes it for a pretty fun adventure. So we are going to see if we can find a place to get it welded this week. So now our bikes are better we can finally get back to preachin!! haha:)

Hermana Escobar went to get her visa so Hermana Bramwell and I went to Santiago and worked with another sister in a place that is super nice. I felt like I was in the states (it was a lot like CA) and it is where Hermana Bramwell started her mission so it was fun for her to go back there. Then on our way into Santiago to meet up with Hermana Escobar we got stuck in this huge traffic jam in the bus for about 1 hr. It was so hot and all the babies were crying. Then after all that time, they told us to just get off and walk to a different road and take a different bus. So when we got back to good old Lampa country it felt so good. But that was pretty much my week. Nothing too exciting. I'm excited to see you all here in a couple weeks (well at least Mom and Dad, and the rest of you in 3) but I hope things are good! Easton- have a rockin Birthday!!! I loved your dinosaur cake! It was awesome! I am loving that Annie is taking photo classes so she can show me all of the things going on. I seriously think Easton is the size of Noah when I left. I have the feeling I'm going to be floored when I get off the plane. Anything else going on? That`s all from my part...until next week :)

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!! MUCHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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