Monday, April 2, 2012

Feb. 27th, 2012

Seriously, when I went to write this letter, I realized that this week was super lame as far as stories go. Nothing happened. I am loving the area and everything. People are nice here, at least they usually stop and talk to you (which is nice because it`s hard to chase them down when you are dragging your bike with you). And I am loving the whole bike factor too because my last pair of shoes are pretty worn down and probably wouldn`t have lasted me another month. So gratefully God sent me here where we ride bikes 90% of the time. And I should like it when member accompany us but I secretly don`t because then I have to haul them around on my bike, sitting behind me. And after about 30 min my legs feel like they are going to explode... haha. :)
But yesterday, the Elders had a baptism of the cutest guy ever. He is 76 and lives super far away from the church. He is a farmer and lives by himself, but he loves coming to church. He is super humble and doesn`t have money to take bus (plus the bus doesn`t go out where he lives) so he walks 1 1/2 hrs to church every week. And we saw him on the corner in front of the church on Friday and he said he was waiting for his baptism interview. It was 6:10 and the interview wasn`t til 7. But he was afraid to be late so he stopped working early to come and make sure he was on time. He is seriously one of my favorite people. 

Hermana Eborn (the girl I trained) is now training. I saw her in the office when we had changes and she asked me for words of advice, did I have any... no! But it`s crazy to think that I`m getting old in the mission. I still feel like I'm a newbie who is the one that needs help. But oh well. On the bright side of being old. In a month I'll be seeing my family, that is good news. Everyone is all grown up and I`m afraid that I've just grown out... haha:) just kidding but not really :)

Well, I tried to attach some pics but the USB port of this computer doesn`t work so maybe some other day. But now that I`ve spilled my guts out, how are y'all doing? Any new news? I heard Noah is rockin' the piano and Annie is going to be a photographer, our family just keeps getting cooler. :) But have a great week and know I freaking LOVE you all.


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