Wednesday, April 4, 2012

March 19th 2012

HOLY CRAPPERS! The mission is almost over. I remember thinking a year and a half ago that this would never come. But to say the least, it`s been a good week. I got my bike fixed, we went to find a place to weld it and this random guy who was building a house fixed it. I batted my eyelashes a bit and he didn`t even charge me :) It was working great until Saturday night when we were on a busy road. We were riding on the sidewalk, and I was gawking off, looking at the stores and went off the little lip and when I tried to go back on the sidewalk, it didn`t work very well and I fell, I didn`t want the bike to fall on me so I did this little jumpy, skippy thing and then fell down. haha:) It was so funny. This guy comes out of his store and makes sure I`m ok, all I have is a few scratches, but nurse Bramwell cleaned the gravel out of my knee. It was pretty funny, I wish I could see a replay of that thing. But now my wheel and handle bars are a little crooked, but it`s not that big of a deal... haha:) 

I have a question that I have never thought of until this week, why do we celebrate St Patricks day and why is it a tradition to wear green? I always just did it but we just realized we don`t even know why. On another note, this week we went to 2 new parts of our area. We found some really great people and it was fun to explore. In one of the areas, it was kinda lame but there was this big hill, so we decided to make the trip worth it and climbed up it. We could see everything (even though there's not much to see... haha) and almost had to slide down on our butts, but it was a nice little detour. Also, good news- this member fixed my camera card so it doesn`t have a virus, and he backed up my pics for me. So next Sunday (when we eat with them again) I`m going to take my other card with a virus on it and he is going to do the same. I was so excited yesterday! But you know I'm getting ready to go home when you look at me, I look like a bum - my only black skirt isn`t really black anymore, its more of a rustic black so this morning I cut the tag off and now I'm wearing it inside out because on the inside it still looks good :) Only in Chile right... haha!

We don`t know what we are going to do for P day, we decided we have to live it up my last one so we are going to go to Santiago and do whatever we can think of. Last week we went to the cemetery just to see how it is and that is all we had time for because I locked the keys in the house and it took a while to find a way to get in (it`s a little harder when the windows are caged in and you are locked outside the house but inside the fence... haha:) Hermana Bramwell is a genius and got us out. 

This week our plans are 1) live it up! Tomorrow I have my last district class, then on Thursday a couple missionary invited us to lunch (he is Mexican and is going to cook us some GOOD legit food) and then on Friday we have to help the RS prepare for the birthday party on Sat night. So it`s going to be a good week. I can`t imagine how I'm going to feel Saturday and Sunday knowing Mom and Dad are like 30 min away. It`s  crazy, after being half way around the world for so long, 30 min is nothin! But then I'll have the lovely delight to be on the airplane for 14 hrs to come see ya'll. :) Who knows, maybe we will get bored and send a little message to update you on how things are going in the Chilean world. It`s still pretty hot here, I`m not sure how hot but I imagine about 80 during the day. But in the night it gets pretty cold. So we`ll see if I freeze my rostrifying neenees off when I get into Salt Lake. I think I've turned into a warm weather person. But ya, I'm just blabbing off so I'll just stop because I`ll probably do it even more when I get home. Thanks for everything! It`s been one heck of a ride! I don`t want to think about how it`s going to be leaving Chile. I hope I don`t cry :) I'll just have to think in the excitement of seeing all of you and not all the friends and good memories I'm leaving behind. But at least Mom and Dad will help me transition between the 2 worlds. They can tell me the things that are really cool and what is really lame (and I just think is cool) because my judgement is pretty bad now I think... haha:) Anyways, have a rockin week and I will see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!!!

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