Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Aug 1st 2011

So, good news....Glorian got BAPTIZED!!!! It was so good! She was nervous, but happy, and didnt really know what to feel. When we walked her to the font, she started crying because she was so happy. I love her so much and am so excited for her. All the members thought she was already a member because she knows so much. And her daughter Paz loved the baptism and I asked her afterwards if she would prepare to get baptized on the 14th. She kinda freaked out and didn`t accept, but said she wants to get baptized and is going to pray about the 14th.
On Monday, President Essig called with a reference for us. So we went to visit them. We walk in the door and there is this lady who had come to church on Sunday. Her husband is really inactive and she has been investigating religions and came to church to check it out. We planned to stop by later on in the week. But then we show up to this references house and turns out that the reference was her daughter. So we taught the daughter, the Mom, and the daughters boyfriend. It was super great!
Then on Thursday I get another call from President Essig and he said. Sister Whyte,  I just had the office print me off a list of how long people have been in their area. Have you really been in your area for 9 months?!? I laughed and told him yes and he asked ¨How are you doing with that? That is half your mission in one place. Do you want transferred?¨  I told him that I was ok for this transfer (the next month) but after that I am ready to leave. I was tempted to take special transfers but I would feel bad for leaving Hermana Eborn here, plus I want to see more of the people I have taught get baptized. That is one plus, we have been teaching Glorian off and on since January and I never would have thought I would be there the day she got baptized, but I was! So it`s all good.
On Friday we went to the Mission home for training for the newbies and the trainers. It was really good and best of all I got to see lots of people from my district in the MTC, there are 5 of us who are training this transfer. So it was awesome to see everyone again. That afternoon, I contacted this guy (who was a little older) and he randomly asks us if we like opera music,  then he just started singing to us in his opera voice. He wasn`t too bad, but it was just so funny I was trying my best not to laugh because who in the world just starts singing so someone on the street. But it was a good time:)
Oh, I felt so bad for Hermana Eborn. On Saturday it was raining pretty hard and there were a ton of puddles. She doesn`t have rain boots but we were just walking through puddles up to our calves and we were crossing the street were there was all this mud and she lost her balance and fell down. Everything was so dirty but it was so funny at the same time. It was right in front of a meat shop and everyone was staring, so it made it that much better. But it was all ok, because we found 8 new investigators this week (which is really good) so we are super excited for that!!
How is LaRee and everyone hanging in there? I hope everyting went well and that they are good. How is Granny doing? I am sure she is doing too many things, but whatever she wants to do let her do it I guess :)  It sounds like Annie`s baby shower with her friends was fun. I can`t believe all of them have so many kids. It is crazy how fast life changes! I can`t even imagine. It seems like I just graduated from high school a year ago. And poor Noah with staples in his head! That must have been a pretty big rock. Kids will always be kids won`t they. Did they have to shave a part of his head?  It is crazy to think that Eric Young is home. It seems like the mission life and real life don`t go together. He was a great missionary. All the missionaries talk about him and say he is so funny. So I`m sure he did well on his talk.
Well, I can`t think of anything else to say so I will write back next week and give you the next update in the life of Hermana Whyte. Have a great week and try to stay away from flying rocks, and keep on the sunny side. :) Remember I love you all and I love you more than a Chilean loves Colo Colo (the soccer team here that everyone is crazy about)

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