Wednesday, July 27, 2011

June 25th, 2011

It sounds like everyone is having a great summer! I can`t believe that in a week from today August starts! I am a little excited because they say that after August it starts warming up. So good for me, not so fun for you guys.
I am glad to hear that Annie`s shower went well. I can`t believe that you are going to be a Mom! Wow, times chage... haha:) I`m glad that everything is going well. I am already expecting pictures of little Will in about a month and a half. Noah is getting so big! I love that he is missing his front tooth! It sounds like you are all staying busy and having fun. Everyone is getting married! I can`t believe all the announcments you have. I guess all the winter fests turn into summer weddings... lol :) Such is life!!.
So, my first week as a trainer was good. I really have no idea how to train but it makes me feel smart... haha:) When she asks me stuff I usually know the answer... so that is good. Oh, well first things first, Her name is Hermana Melanie Eborn. She is from Heber, Utah. She is the youngest of her family and she graduated in communications and is 21 (going to turn 22) and she is outgoing, likes to talk to people (which is good!) and her Spanish is pretty good. She was in the class for the people that already know Spanish the the MTC so that helped. She is fitting in well here in the ward. I feel like an old fart in this ward. Everyone keeps saying that Bishop might as well give me a calling. I feel like I have been here forvever (oh wait, I have) hahaha:) It`s nice to have a newbie, it spices things up a little bit. She is in awe with everything so it`s fun. I forgot what life was like outside of the Mission and the things that are different from home. So its fun and keeps life a little more interesting.
Things are great in the area. Glorian is excited for her baptism on Sunday so we are getting everything ready for that. Her daughter Paz said she wants to get baptized but still hasn`t accepted an exact date but we are going to keep working with her. Once her Mom gets baptized I think it will help her too. All the young women like her and she is going to all the activities, it is so amazing!
This week I was a little under the weather. I felt so bad for my companion because I practically lost my voice on Wed and Thursday. I could barley talk and she was nervous because the people couldn`t really understand her and so they looked at me and I could barely talk to tell them what she said. It was pretty dang funny. I figure I was just helping her learn faster :)  But I`m going back to normal and I can actually sing the hymns again!!
President and Sister Essig are sooo great! They are fun and down to earth. I think they are liking it. I will be going there on Friday for a training for my companion and for me. So it will be fun to see them again. Today I don`t know exactly what else we are going to do except show Hermana Eborn around town a little bit and see what happens. She wants to try a completo, which is basically a hot dog. So that is on the list but we will have to see what else comes our way. Our drain in our shower is really clogged so we have been scooping out the water with a bucket and dumping it into the sink to drain but we are a little tired of being redneck so we are determined to find something to unclogg our drain. That is about as exciting as it is getting today in Santiago Chile... haha:)
But I hope you all have a great week and that you enjoy getting everything ready for back to school and all the other things that are happening. Keep me updated on your lives and remember I love you and am always thinking of yall. Thanks for the letters and the support. Before we know it my time will be up and I will be a little lost lamb again, not quite knowing what to do with my life... haha:).
Well, have a fantabulous day and I will be chattin back next week! LOVE YOU ALL like a Chilean loves mayo (which is a lot!)
LES AMO!!!!!!


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