Monday, July 18, 2011

July 18th, 2011

Hi all,
I hope that your week has been wonderful up there in the sun. It has been a little crazy here for me. I spent the whole week thinking this was my last week in this area and taking pictures with everyone and all that jazz, and then when we got the call last night (at 2 am) I found out that I am staying!!! (yes, that will make 9 months in this area and yes, that is half of my time in Chile) haha !!! I will be training a new gringa who will get here tomorrow.  I am excited, but freaking out a little bit. It will be nice to have her excitment to be here to keep me working hard in this area. I love it here though, so it will be a good next 6 weeks!
Story of the week,
We went to one of our investigators house to help with some house cleaning. We get there Friday morning and she tells us to come in. We pass and we ask how she is doing and she says horrible. We have been fighting all morning here and turns out that her son punched her in the eye and all this stuff, her daughter of 20 (the investigator) was in the back crying and the son who punched her (18) was mad and in his room and then her son who is 3 was just kind of chillin. We had no idea what to do to help?!?!?! We decided to say a prayer. So we invite everyone to join and no one wants to, so we are just praying with the Mom, and then she wants to go talk to her daughter who is crying. We are just kinda chillin out in the living room and so we start cleaning, folding clothes and stuff. Then the son comes out of his room and goes outside. So I look outside and up pulls a cop car. I was thinking... you have got to be kiding me! What the heck do we do? They come in and talk to the screaming people inside and we are just trying to blend in by looking like just the house cleaners (2 gringas makes it a little hard) and we had no idea what to do, so we just cleaned until we couldn`t find more to clean. They were going to take away the daughter and the son to talk in the prison or something, I don`t even know, but we just said `exuse me` and walked out. We haven`t been back to see what went down. But that was the fist time something like that has happened.
There have been lots of soccer games with Chile playing whatever country so there have been lots of screaming and partying in the streets (that is until they lost last night) but now I think it`s over so things should be a little calmer.
Lets see, what else happened.... Its Hermana Players birthday tomorrow so all these people were going to celebrate with us, but now she won`t be there and I won`t be there until the afternoon, so the family Urrea had us come over this morning and we had cake and breakfast together. It was fun! I am excited to be here for Glorians baptism on the 31st. On Sunday her duaghter Paz came to church for the fist time and said she wants to get baptized so we are going to see if she will do it within the next 6 weeks, so I might be here for that too. All these people that I thought I would never be here to see get baptized are going to get baptized while I`m here, it`s great!
To celebrate the end of the transfer, on Thur we went to McDonalds in our area for lunch...
This is the excitement of our celebration!!! 
This video is of people on the bus today on the way to write/email home. People just get on and do random things. Today it was rapping but there is anything from violin to opera singing. It is pretty fun to see who gets on the bus. I haven`t watched it to see if it`s exciting but I just recorded the last little part. Hopefully you enjoy it. At the end, they collect money (as missionaries we don`t donate) but they said that all of the money was going to a good cause to make one of the rapper guys into a woman. So that just made it all the more interesting... hahaha:) We just started laughing!!!
Well, we have to go clean our apt. to get everything ready, and we have to go preach the word, so all the other details of my life will have to wait until next week :) Plus, I can`t think of much more that happened this week. Life is pretty dang good here, just doin' my thang and that is pretty much it. I will send you more updates next week when I know more about what is happening. But have a great week! Mom, have a Happy Birthday!, Annie, have a happy baby shower (don`t pop too soon) and everyone else, keep doin what your doing :) and remember to be happy- I thought since I was using `happy`a lot, I might as well keep it up...
From your happy missionary in Chile
con MUCHO MUCHO cariño

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