Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21st, 2011

  Hermana Dymock and me, today. As we were leaving the house we realized we hadn´t taken any pics this week, so this is our first week of our last change together :)
How has the week been for you all? I´m sure you are all busy, but I hope life is good! It´s been a good week here in the south. The weeks keep flying by! This week we had a little miracle happen. On Saturday we were walking from one appt to the other and this kid about 19 years old comes running by then stops and says, Hermanas, I have been looking for you. I am a memeber from Valparaiso but my family moved here about a year ago and I´m inactive. But I have a friend (Boris) who wants to learn more about the church. Can we go visit him right now, he lives close. So we went and it turns out that he has gone to the church a lot to learn more but he said it´s always locked. Anyways, we set up an appt for Sunday (yesterday) and we went and there was another kid there who said he was a member too but inactive for a lot of years. So here we were sitting with 2 inactives (Nelson and Victor) and 1 investigator (Boris). We were talking about basketball and how we decided to serve a mission and all this stuff, then when we started they were all sorts of spiritual. Hermana and I were thinking, ok, when are you going to act like 19 year old boys again. But the lesson was so great. We taught about the restoration and watched the DVD and Boris said he thinks its true and wants to pray about it but he accepted a baptismal date for the 17th of April. It was so great and the other 2 boys asked what they needed to do to come back and start over again. Victor said, I know God has sent you here to be our angels to help us come back because we know what we should be doing and we want salvation and you have reminded us of all of this. I know it´s true and I want to be a strong member of the true church of Jesus Christ. I was thinking, where did this huge spiritual giant come from?! but it was a great lesson.
We also started teaching Jorge (the family from Mexico) we taught the principles of the gospel and he was so cute. When we asked him why he wanted to get baptized he said so I can be with my family forever, because I love them. It was so great. His dad was up taking pictures to remember his first lesson and all of that. They are a great family. But we don´t know when he will be able to get baptised, because we have to wait for his dad to do some stuff to be able to do it. But he (the dad) hasn´t smoked in a week! So we are super excited and hope that he can keep it up. Another investigator of ours hasn´t smoked in a week too, so it´s been a good week for that! :) We are still teaching people who need to get divored and married so we have no idea how long it will take. Probably about 6 months until they can get their divorces through. But hopefully everything goes fast.
Oh man, this week I ate a lunch where I thought I was going to die. This member always serves a lot of food but it was horrible this time. We had lasagna. It was HUGE!!!! To compare it, the pans of lasagna that you can buy at Sams Club that we usually eat between our family, I ate almost half of that size in one meal. It was a huge pan and she had cut it in 4ths. It was HORRIBLE!!!  The whole time I was praying my heart out that I didn´t barf. It was good tasting but just so much I thought I was going to burst. I was seriously making the plan in my mind. Ok- if I throw up I will run outside and do it on the street but then I remembered that her gate is probably locked, so then I was going to go to plan b where I just run through her bedroom into her bathroom and hope I make it to the toilet. Because I was seriously nervous that I was going to loose it. But we made it through and to say the least we were walking a little slower afterwards.
I was thinking that for after the mission I am probably going to need a plan to stop drinking soda. I have drank soo much here it is ridiculous. I will have to change my ways when I get home so I don´t die at a young age from all the soda... haha:)
Not much new happened. We came in contact with some investigators who had left for vacations, but now they are back so hopefully they can progress. But that is pretty much it for this week. We have more people in the church now that school is back in. Yesterday we had 115 so it was good!
I hope you all have a great week and enjoy everything that is going on! For  Pday today we can´t do much of anything because Obama is coming into Chile today and will be  in downtown so we can´t go (which is where EVERYTHING is) so we are just going to kind of kick it today- freaking Obama!!!  I LOVE YOU! Thanks for all your support and prayers. Enjoy your first day of spring!!! It´s my first day of autumn, but it´s still hot so it feels like summer still. (which I don´t mind)

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